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Hope ya dig my stupid drawings. Thanks for all favourites and comments.


These are some pretty rad peices of art right here. Ya might wanna give some of these a look-see.



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Hey. How's it shakin'. I'm Ashley. I'm a real life zombie and a huge nerd. Comic books and music are the loves of my life. I like odd things, cereal, and Fall Out Boy. Oh, I also draw lots of stuff. That's pretty important, too. I'm an aspiring cartoonist, and I want to make comic books myself. I also want to be a drummer but haven't quite sorted that out yet. I'm really bad at everything, but working on that. Everyday. My brain is oozing with gooey ideas and I can't wait to unleash 'em upon the world. Prepare yourself, unsuspecting victims!
So, here's me and my drawings. Hope ya dig it all.
Thought I'd share it and get some feedback. Whether it is positive or negative doesn't matter, it just has to be constructive and not dickish.
Basically, the plot is four geeky guys decide to form a band some time in high school, so... they do. The mostly have jam sessions and play at school dances because they can't do anything else due to school. But nearing the end of their last year of school, they get excited for moving out and actually getting serious about this whole band thing. Around that time, the lead singers father, a bad ass paranormal monster huntin' machine, retires from his job for mysterious reasons and his son must continue after him. But the boy is short, fat, and awfully wimpy. His friends got him covered, though. They spend their last year of high school all training to take over as monster hunters, finishing up their studies, and practicing music. They finally graduate, move out of their parents houses and are official monster killers... and the whole thing kinda picks up from their. It follows their lives as a not so successful indie pop punk band that kill zombies, vamps, and tentacle beasts when they need to. They gotta deal with shit from goth/emo underground vampire clubs that are selling humans illegally, demons possessing concert goers, anti-punk mom cults and other paranormal crap to more normal things like depression, lack of money, haters and fans and the works. Basically, it's just a bunch of stuff I love. Comic books, music, and zombies. And it's funny. I mean, I try to make it funny. I'm not very funny. Please pretend I'm funny.
So... good, bad? Comments, questions, suggestions? Interested, not really? S'cool if ya don't like it. Won't take it personally. Just... y'know, don't be an asshole... be cool, dudes. Good vibes only.
  • Mood: Depressed
  • Listening to: Fall Out Boy
  • Reading: your mind.
  • Watching: you. Right now. Whatcha eatin? Can I have a peice?
  • Playing: kickball with yo mommas head.
  • Eating: human flesh.
  • Drinking: the blood of virgins.

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Happy Birthday!
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letsrp owo ))
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hey! shut up, and stop what you're doing. i found this!!/shows/golan… the sites a little shitty, but they don't put full eps on youtube. it this little cartoon short about a girl who is like a side kick to an otherworldly demon. i can't help to hate myself for not thinking this up first!
TheLordOfDoomyDoom Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Me and my dad were actually watching this on TV a few weeks ago! I liked it. That little goth satanist bugger is awesome.
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